My image won't update to 3.5

Doug Way dway at
Sat Apr 12 17:21:21 UTC 2003

On Saturday, April 12, 2003, at 10:17 AM, Torsten Sadowski wrote:

> I have a 3.4 image with the latest change being #5171. It won't update 
> to
> 3.5 because it says there are no new changes.
> What's wrong?

Nothing's wrong... normally, a "final" Squeak release is a dead-end 
which cannot be updated to the next alpha version.  The split off to 
the next alpha version usually happens during the previous beta or 
gamma phase.  For example, when advancing to 3.4gamma you had the 
option to switch to 3.5alpha instead.

However, since there were no changes in 3.5alpha when 3.4 moved from 
gamma to final (which would cause a conflict), you can run this DoIt in 
a workspace of a 3.4 final image, and it will turn your image into a 
3.5alpha image:

SystemVersion current version: 'Squeak3.5alpha'.

Then you should be able to fetch updates for 3.5.

And if anyone has a 3.5 final image that they want to advance to 
3.6alpha, this slightly more complicated DoIt should work:

SystemVersion current version: 'Squeak3.6alpha'; date: '17 March 2003'; 
highestUpdate: 5175.

- Doug Way

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