embedding tests nearer the code

German Morales germanmorales at delta-sys.com
Mon Apr 14 00:32:44 UTC 2003

It seems that I wrote:
> For example, if I have a class with two methods, let's say #at: and
> #at:put:, I would expect that pressing "test" will switch to (or create)
> #testAt and #testAtPut, but it always goes to #testAt, which is wrong,
> or unexpected at least.
> So take it as a request for feature ;-)

Well, now I see this is intentional...

Browser>>testForMessage: selector
	"returns the same test for every message starting with the same
	first keyword :
		'selector', 'selector:','selector:with:' will all return
		the same message, 'testSelector' "

but can't understand why.

If the answer is "just because it was more simple for the first versions"
I'll be very happy to enhance this myself.

So tell me what's the idea behind this

May the Test be with you,

German Morales

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