embedding tests nearer the code

rrobbes at etu.info.unicaen.fr rrobbes at etu.info.unicaen.fr
Mon Apr 14 10:49:02 UTC 2003

Well this was the simplest way to do it, so I did it like that. It
seemed to me
this problem wouln't happen often, but usage proved I was wrong ...

I thougt it was a bit complex to do, since you have to make the
between selectors bearing the same name, with only the colon (":") as a
difference. So there have to be a scheme to encode the colon in the
name, and a few things to change in the navigation methods I guess.

I'll have a look myself, but I'll be more than happy if you contribute !


"German Morales" <germanmorales at delta-sys.com> wrote:
> It seems that I wrote:
> > For example, if I have a class with two methods, let's say #at: and
> > #at:put:, I would expect that pressing "test" will switch to (or create)
> > #testAt and #testAtPut, but it always goes to #testAt, which is wrong,
> > or unexpected at least.
> >
> > So take it as a request for feature ;-)
> Well, now I see this is intentional...
> Browser>>testForMessage: selector
> 	"returns the same test for every message starting with the same
> 	first keyword :
> 		'selector', 'selector:','selector:with:' will all return
> 		the same message, 'testSelector' "
> but can't understand why.
> If the answer is "just because it was more simple for the first versions"
> I'll be very happy to enhance this myself.
> So tell me what's the idea behind this
> May the Test be with you,
> German Morales

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