[FIX][BUG] SmaCC SqueakMap install

Markus Gaelli gaelli at emergent.de
Mon Apr 14 10:17:15 UTC 2003

Hi Joshua,

thanks for spotting this, now the "sars" of refactory
and smaccRuntime are extracted first...

It works on a fresh directory now, with no old refactory-sars
lying around.

Thanks again,


> Hi,
> When attempting to load SmaCC-Development, it complains that
> 'refactory.sar' can't be found.  From what I understand, SmaCC depends
> on the Refactoring Browser, which is included in the .sar file for
> convenience.  When I look in smaccDevelopment.sar with the Zip archive
> viewer, the file is there, but the install script is looking for it in
> the directory (not the archive).  The installation goes fine if the
> refactoring browser was installed previously.
> A similar problem occurs if SmaCC-Development is loaded without
> SmaCC-Runtime already loaded.  It includes the latter .sar inside
> the former .sar, but looks for it in the directory.
> Thanks,
> Joshua

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