scheduling squat (was "draft rough plan for 3.6")

Craig Latta craig.latta at
Tue Apr 15 00:00:45 UTC 2003

Hi Andreas--

> Are you looking into building VMs with minimal footprint too? I'm
> wondering what the smallest system might be that could run this
> image...

	Yes, exactly. :)  I want to end up with a system that I launch via
"relief" (the little 25k webpage I wrote that automatically downloads
and runs a Squeak system when you visit it). I was assuming I'd just use
PhiHo Hoang's "MobVM" for the initial demos, but I'd like to check out
what he's done in detail to ensure that it's minimal.

	MobVM currently uses 25k and downloads another 389k in order to run
Alejandro's "3 + 4" snapshot. I think it's swapping in a bunch of
graphics stuff that isn't stricly necessary, though. My rough guess is
that the total minimal footprint could be about 100k for the snapshot
and another 100k for the virtual machine, perhaps smaller on both

	That should be plenty small for doing little scripting things, website
replacements, etc. It'll be fun, anyway. :)


Craig Latta
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