Deadline Extension for the ESUG Research Track

Roel Wuyts wuyts at
Mon Apr 14 14:44:49 UTC 2003

After several queries from interested people asking for an extension 
for submitting papers to the ESUG Research track, we decided to grant 
an extension to everybody for submitting papers. The new deadline is 
Friday April 25th (instead of tuesday April 15th).

Please find the (updated) call for papers below, or have a look at the 
updated webpage for the whole ESUG conference (of which the academic 
research track is but a part) at .

                            		    CALL FOR PAPERS
                            		  ESUG Research Track
				        25-29 Aug 2003

					Bled Slovenia

The European Smalltalk User Group is proud to announce that it will
organize an academic track for the 11th year of existence of the ESUG
Conference with an excellent program committee.

The goal of the academic track is to have a forum for academic
related to research in Smalltalk and dynamically-typed languages. We
authors to submit excellent quality papers as we plan to produce

A non-exhaustive list of topics is	
	- new languages features (mixins, AOP,...)
	- multi-agent systems
	- meta and reflective programming
	- code analysis (refactoring,...)
	- process development (Agile processes, Unit testing)
	- virtual machines (optimization, new trends)
	- integrated development environments (browsers, visualization, ...)
	- frameworks (web, graphical...)
	- software evolution (metrics,...)

Program Chair:
	Stephane Ducasse (University of Berne)
	email: ducasse at
	Roel Wuyts (University of Berne)
	email: roel.wuyts at

Program Committee:
	- Prof. Andrew Black (Oregon Health and Science University, USA)
	- Dr. Noury  Bouraqadi (Ecoles de Mines de Douai, France)
	- Prof. Serge Demeyer (University of Antwerpen, Belgium)
	- Prof. Theo D'Hondt (Universiteit Vrije Brussels, Belgium)
	- Prof. Stephane Ducasse (University of Berne, Switzerland)
	- Prof. Ralph Johnson (University of Urbana Champain, USA)
	- Eliot Miranda (Cincom, USA)
	- Joseph Pelrine (MetaProg, Switzerland)
	- Dave Simmons (Quasar, USA)
	- Dr. Serge Stinckwich (University of Caen, France)
	- Dave Thomas (Bedarra, USA-Canada)
	- Dr. Roel Wuyts (University of Berne, Switzerland)

Important Dates:
	- Deadline: 25th of April 2003
	- Notification of acceptance: 1st of June 2003
	- Final version: 1st of July 2003

Information related to the ESUG Academic Track inside the ESUG
Conference Organization:
We plan to have the Academic track the first day of the Conference: the
25 of August 2003.

Information related to the ESUG Conference Organization:

See the URL:

In short:
	*	Dates: 25 to 29 August 2002
	*	Location: In Slovenia in the resort place Bled
	*	Bled lies in the north west of Slovenia, near  the Austrian and 
Italian borders.
		Venice is about 3hrs from Bled
	*	Location:
	*	Hotel for the conference:

Roel Wuyts                                                   Software 
Composition Group
roel.wuyts at                       University of Bern, 
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