small (was: scheduling squat)

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at
Tue Apr 15 00:59:13 UTC 2003

On Monday 14 April 2003 21:31, Andreas Raab wrote:
> That sounds pretty big for my taste. I was actually hoping that it
> would be possible to set up a VM in the <80k range for the "basics"
> of it. E.g., what I'd really like to see is the size of a VM that has
> the interpreter plus files plus essential socket support (maybe not
> even files ;-) Basically, I am wondering if it's possible to build a
> "useful system" in <150k by using what's there and not applying any
> "special hacks" (such as not inlining the generated code etc).

Kyle Hayes has added socket stuff to Little Smalltalk and a simple web 
browser based programming environment. The result is a 89774 byte VM 
and 92824 byte image. The image encoding is not at all efficient, which 
is why it can be gzipped down to 34165 bytes. Ooops - the VM executable 
had debugging symbols in it and can be stripped down to 25824 bytes.

-- Jecel

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