3.5 crash

Stephan B. Wessels swessels at one.net
Tue Apr 15 01:16:41 UTC 2003

I ran into the same thing yesterday under WIndows 98.  I was able to 
use it by going back my V3.4 VM.

Not sure what the problem is.  I decided to go back and finish my 
project on the Mac.  Actually this surprised me.  It's the first time I 
can remember a fresh Squeak final release not installing or operating 
correctly.  I just assumed it was something I did wrong.

  - Steve
On Monday, April 14, 2003, at 03:05 PM, Gavin Scott wrote:

> I wiped out my previous collection of images, VMs, and whatnot, and
> downloaded 3.5 for Windows via:
>    http://www.squeak.org/download/index.html
> As a minor aside, I'd like to complain that this page has no obvious 
> "click
> here to download the software" link.  The mention of the "ftp site" 
> seems to
> be qualified by the "If a full package is not built for your system..."
> clause.  Also a new user does not (yet) care that there are four files
> needed to make a working Squeak, they just want the software.  So I 
> would
> suggest eliminating the discussion of VM vs. Image vs. Changes and 
> simply
> have links for downloading the complete package prebuilt for major 
> operating
> systems, and perhaps a separate "for advanced users or users of other
> platforms" link.
> Anyhow, I start Squeak under Win2K SP3, open the Navigator tab, click 
> Share,
> and click Cancel in the "Please type your name" dialog.  The VM goes 
> 100%
> busy, the UI stops responding, and if I force a windows refresh by
> minimizing and restoring the Squeak window then a stack trace is 
> displayed
> in the upper left corner of the window that starts:
> *** System error handling failed***
> MessageNotUnderstood: asBaloonCanvas
> Debugger class>>openContext:label:contents:
> [...]
> This seems like a not implausible sequence of things for a new user to 
> try.
> G.

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   - Albert Einstein

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