3.5 crash

Gavin Scott gavin at allegro.com
Mon Apr 14 20:05:52 UTC 2003

RICHARD T'ES PAS SEUL, Gavin Scott a fait comme toi, il a tout bazardé 
et tenté de charger la version Windows de Squeak 3.5 mais lis toi-même 
ce à quoi il arrive  (Ray):

I wiped out my previous collection of images, VMs, and whatnot, and
downloaded 3.5 for Windows via:


As a minor aside, I'd like to complain that this page has no obvious 
here to download the software" link.  The mention of the "ftp site" 
seems to
be qualified by the "If a full package is not built for your system..."
clause.  Also a new user does not (yet) care that there are four files
needed to make a working Squeak, they just want the software.  So I 
suggest eliminating the discussion of VM vs. Image vs. Changes and 
have links for downloading the complete package prebuilt for major 
systems, and perhaps a separate "for advanced users or users of other
platforms" link.

Anyhow, I start Squeak under Win2K SP3, open the Navigator tab, click 
and click Cancel in the "Please type your name" dialog.  The VM goes 
busy, the UI stops responding, and if I force a windows refresh by
minimizing and restoring the Squeak window then a stack trace is 
in the upper left corner of the window that starts:

*** System error handling failed***
MessageNotUnderstood: asBaloonCanvas
Debugger class>>openContext:label:contents:

This seems like a not implausible sequence of things for a new user to 


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