scheduling squat (was "draft rough plan for 3.6")

Tim Rowledge tim at
Tue Apr 15 01:40:36 UTC 2003

"Andreas Raab" <andreas.raab at> wrote:

> That sounds pretty big for my taste. I was actually hoping that it would be
> possible to set up a VM in the <80k range for the "basics" of it. E.g., what
> I'd really like to see is the size of a VM that has the interpreter plus
> files plus essential socket support (maybe not even files ;-) Basically, I
> am wondering if it's possible to build a "useful system" in <150k by using
> what's there and not applying any "special hacks" (such as not inlining the
> generated code etc).
I think we can probably do that. The RiscOS vm core is 132,000 bytes and
includes interpreter, objectmemory, the window interface, event stuff
and some static arrays (obsoleteBlahPrmitives etc) so some could be cut
from that. I bet there are some vm routines that could be not-inlined
that currently are inlined. 100kb ought to be possible without too much
of a nightmare.

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