[ANN] HttpView and SqueakMap Server

goran.hultgren at bluefish.se goran.hultgren at bluefish.se
Tue Apr 15 11:22:27 UTC 2003

Howdy all!

I just took the time to package HttpView and the server part of
SqueakMap using DVS. DVS is really nice! Thanks again Avi. :-)

This means that:

1. You can easily install Comanche and then HttpView from SM. HttpView
has a few loose fixes to Comanche of various sorts - we should fold
those into Comanche of course. Then take a look at class comment of
HVTodoListModule. (funny enough I introduced a bug in the sample app -
uncomment the "self redirectToDefault" line to make it work properly)

2. After installing Comanche and HttpView (and SqueakMap Base - but you
get that automatically if you are going through SM) you can now install
"SqueakMap Server" which is the web UI app running on the master server.

So, what can I use SqueakMap Master for? Well, not much! :-) But if you
want to set up an internal SqueakMap catalog in your company or if you
want to setup a mirror it can be interesting.

Some advice for those looking into this:

1. Check the class comment of SMSqueakMap to see how one is fired up and
stopped etc.
2. Set the admin password (to get to the category tree) of the map
instance using #adminPassword:
3. If you are interested in setting up a mirror - I haven't done it yet,
but essentially you could disable the edit/registration pages (just
remove the darn methods in the view classes and edit the method
SMSqueakMapServerView>>default so that they don't show up). and then set
up a regular "SMSqueakMap default loadUpdates" to synch with the master.
You can also create your mirror map using SMSqueakMap class>>newIn: -
otherwise you will use your default map as the server map which probably
is NOT what you want.

Mail me if there are any problems.

regards, Göran

PS. Haven't tested these things a lot but they seemed to run ok on a
stock 3.5

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