3.5 crash

Raymond raymondasselin at sympatico.ca
Tue Apr 15 13:30:39 UTC 2003

Le Lundi, 14 avri 2003, à 21:55 America/Montreal, Andreas Raab a écrit :

>> But by the way there is really a problem with the Windows version of
>> Squeak 3.5 as two friends reported to me. They are not on the list.
>> For myself everything is fine as I'm on MasOs X.
> I doubt that those are Windows specific problems but it would be 
> helpful if
> you or your friends could at least describe them. Finding bugs is hard
> enough even if you know what seems to be going wrong ;-)
> BTW, the problem which was reported in this thread initially (click 
> navbar,
> say share, say cancel) is definitely cross-platform. I just tried it 
> on a
> Mac. There seems to be something problematic with Nebraska and the 
> Flash
> stuff in there. But isn't it nice to have cross-platform bugs, too ;-)
> Cheers,
>   - Andreas
Merci Andreas,
	I will give a follow-up on this because what they said to me is this:

- They Downloaded the bundle for Squeak 3.5 for Windows on the 
Squeak.org site
- Unzip everything
- Drag the Squeak.image on top of the Squeak.exec
- Crash

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