Two new development lists.

Alan Grimes alangrimes at
Wed Apr 16 01:40:56 UTC 2003


Hello, to help organize discussion and work relating to my projects I
have created two yahoogroups... ( 
In the space put either "hi" or "lo." 

The first list, Hi Performance squeak, is probably more interesting, it
is intended to work on the core environments of squeak to add
high-performance features such as support for SMP machines and add the
security mechanisms of my own operating system design, Sphere. This work
will require a significant refactoring of System Dictionary (I noted a
mention of that class a few days ago and wish to invite whomever is
interested to this list...) as well as extensions to process and other

While security is not generally required to make a very powerful and
useful system as is demonstrated by the current immage, it is an
absolute necessity for any serious applications of the system ( most
notably, in this case, AI research.) Or any serious multi-user

Losqueak stands for Low Overhead Squeak. I created the list for people
interested in projects such as my effort to make squeak work on a fairly
raw framebuffer device. Any efforts towards reducing the necessary
overhead of running squeak are welcome. =)

Having never read a manual, it takes less effort to hack something
togeather with than it does with C++ and five books.

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