[TESTS] Call for more tests

Marcus Denker marcus at ira.uka.de
Wed Apr 16 09:03:55 UTC 2003

Hi Squeakers,

We need more tests. The BaseImage Tests package now has around
330 tests. But this is not enough: It will start to get interesting
at 10000...

Many of these tests will be *really* simple: They simply run methods
and test if the right thing happens.

The interesting thing is that even beginners can be very helpful:
instead of trying the examples from the book in the workspace, why
not write tests instead? 

Here's a very short HOWTO start:

1) get the latest Squeak 3.6alpha
2) install the folowing packages from SqueakMap:

    -> BaseImage Tests removal (we don't want to run tests twice)
    -> SUnit removal           (get rid of the old SUnit)
    -> SUnit 3.1               (install the new one)
    -> BrowseUnit               (*very* nice addition to the Browser)
    -> BaseImage Tests
3) Now your image is ready for testing: open the testrunner, "run all"
   should run all the test (around 340)
4) Add new tests: BrowseUnit will make a new testclass for you if there
   is none, then simply add methods that begin with "test", use
   "self assert:" or "self should:[]" for testing. 
5) Example: testPrinOn, class "UndefinedObjectTest":


	| string |

	string := String streamContents: [:stream | nil printOn: stream].
	self assert: (string = 'nil').

Marcus Denker marcus at ira.uka.de  -- Squeak! http://squeak.de

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