[UPDATES] 4 more for 3.6alpha

German Morales germanmorales at delta-sys.com
Wed Apr 16 13:55:34 UTC 2003

It seems that I wrote:
> Hi,
> Here some words from MCP too...
> For the first 4 change sets I released I followed this steps:
> -I got a clean 3.6 alpha

Here I forgot one important step:
-I got all released updates for 3.6 (World menu, help, update...)

> -then I installed SqueakMap and then ConflictChecker
> -I checked for conflicts and no problem appeared
> -I ran unittests and everything was fine
> Is that enough?
> I had the idea that I should check against already released updates, and
> I did it...
> But at the same time I can't check against "to be released soon" updates
> (for example the removals) since I'm not following every change in the
> world of squeak.
> I consider that a harvester's work, since they know all that will be
> released and in which order... For example, if in the middle of June
> they decide to aprove MCP0001 I suppose it's not expected that I had
> foreseen all the changes they aproved before when I released MCP0001 in
> April...
> Please help me understand the process,
> German Morales
> PS: I'll be out (mini-vacation) from this afternoon until next monday,
> expect delays in responses

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