Two new development lists.

Alan Grimes alangrimes at
Wed Apr 16 19:21:13 UTC 2003

Andreas Raab wrote:
> What's the point of these lists? Don't you think these issues can (and
> should) be discussed here?

In theory, yes.
but then I'm not a cyborg, Infact I read quite slow. -- probably due to
general brain overload...

While this is indeed a great list, it tends to receive an immense
ammount of trafic, I tend to delete roughly 75% of it without reading..

As there are quite a few topics on this list that I find uninteresting I
assume that the subjects of high-performance/high security squeak are of
a similarly narrow audience. I would expect that a great many people are
happy with the open architecture of squeak and have little interest in
MP/security related issues.

Similarly, I expect many of the people on this list are content running
squeak under some existing windowing system and have little desire to
read many posts related to getting it to run in a linear framebuffer
type setup -- or other steps towards thinning out the hardware
abstraction layer. 

So, out of courtesy, I decided to set up my own lists that will take
most of the volume related to these subjects and publish only sumaries
and announcements on this list...

Having never read a manual, it takes less effort to hack something
togeather with than it does with C++ and five books.

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