FW: problem installing SM in latest 3.6 alpha

Brent Pinkney pinkney_b at aircom.co.za
Wed Apr 16 17:59:20 UTC 2003


I am trying to get back into Squeak after 19 months...

I have the latest 3.6 at update 5184 into which I try to install SqueakMap from the World menu.

It fails with a MNU in #removeFromCategories on UndefinedObject in:

SMSqueakMap>>#deleteCard: aCard
	"Delete a card, first remove it from its categories."

	aCard removeFromCategories.
	^cards removeKey: aCard id

The DoIt which spawned all this was:

	^ self deleteCardWithId: 'c8bd2b9c-4995-4f96-93ed-9cd85e350a47'

which in turn came from SMSqueakMap>>#loadLog.

Ideas ?



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