[BUG]Re: 3.5 crash

Gavin Scott gavin at allegro.com
Wed Apr 16 19:27:41 UTC 2003

Goran writes:
> There are such "full" downloads further down on the page. Just look at
> the table at the bottom.

Ok, I was being completely blind or something.  You can ignore me now.

Actually, has anyone else noticed that the latest versions of Internet
Explorer sometimes don't give you a vertical scroll bar, even though the
page continues off the bottom of the screen?  I've now seen this in a couple

> First, it should be "asBalloonCanvas" above, I started looking for a
> wrong spelled message send first.

Sorry, I re-typed the start of the trace by hand as the vm was not
responding and there was no way to copy the text directly.  I found the log
file with the full trace after I posted.

> Then I repeated what you did and
> verified this same result in Squeak 3.2. So this is actually an old bug.

Ok, thanks for looking at it.  It was just about the first thing I tried
poking around in 3.5, and I've never had the VM lock up like that before.


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