Two new development lists.

Peter Crowther peter at
Wed Apr 16 07:30:11 UTC 2003

> From: Alan Grimes
> Hello, to help organize discussion and work relating to my projects I
> have created two yahoogroups... (
> squeak/
> In the space put either "hi" or "lo."

If we need these lists at all (which I'm not sure we do), could you *please*
create them somewhere other than on Yahoo?  Yahoo's terms of service are
extremely onerous; I've reviewed them in the past and concluded that I would
find myself unable to join any such group. - see:

- 5(a) [impossible],

- 6(f) [how do I know?],

- 6(h) [how do I know?],

- 6(k)/7 [you what?!],

- 6(m) [at the very least I get to store names and matched email addresses
of people who email to the list - this is 'personal information' under the
definition of the UK's Data Protection Act 1998],

- 9 [if someone brings a frivolous lawsuit against Yahoo that involves one
of my messages, I may have to pay their court costs]

Sorry, the risks in 6(k), 7 and 9 are too high for me.

		- Peter

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