Two new development lists.

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at
Thu Apr 17 05:19:05 UTC 2003

Hi Alan,

> While this is indeed a great list, it tends to receive an immense
> ammount of trafic, I tend to delete roughly 75% of it without 
> reading..

Me too (or actually I just skip them) but more often than not one thread is
turning into another and suddenly it starts to get really interesting.

> As there are quite a few topics on this list that I find 
> uninteresting I assume that the subjects of high-performance/high
> security squeak are of a similarly narrow audience.

I actually think that you're dead wrong here. Any specific implementation
details may not be of wide interest but believe me, keywords like "high
performance" and "security" will not be lost on this list.

> I would expect that a great many people are
> happy with the open architecture of squeak and
> have little interest in MP/security related issues.

I'd try it. Many of the issues will be definitely informative even for
people who have generally no interest in these issues.

> Similarly, I expect many of the people on this list are 
> content running squeak under some existing windowing system
> and have little desire to read many posts related to getting
> it to run in a linear framebuffer type setup -- or other steps
> towards thinning out the hardware abstraction layer. 

This might be true and it might be not. I think that this particular aspect
will be of interest for many people working in the handheld community - just
think about a Linux-PDA with /dev/fb access ;-)

  - Andreas

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