Squeak on Zaurus 5500SL

Alan Grimes alangrimes at starpower.net
Fri Apr 18 19:04:04 UTC 2003

> Doug Mair wrote:
> I copied the following files into the CF card of the Zaurus:
>         squeak, dynapad-r01.image, dynapad-r01.changes

It seems like you forgot to download the interpriter....

Squeak has roughly 4 parts....

1. A program (and a few associated utilities) called "squeak" which is a
compiled C source (partially generated from within squeak itself).

You can get a snapshot of the source for the zarius from varrious
places... I've tried to compile them for my dual athlon without luck. =\

The sources are a bit messy and are in need of maintainance...

2. A baseline sources... The "changes" file is basically a diff between
a benchmark version of squeak, usually 3.0 and the current version. So
you need squeak v3 sources...

3. The immage and changes file (I don't fully understand their
relationship) work togeather contain the current sources and the
compiled bytecode. 

These can only be run by the appropriate squeak interpriter... 

Having never read a manual, it takes less effort to hack something
togeather with www.squeak.org than it does with C++ and five books.

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