Squeak on Zaurus 5500SL

Tommy Thorn squeaker at meko.dk
Fri Apr 18 20:22:09 UTC 2003

Doug Mair wrote:

>Cool.  That did it.
>All I had to do was add the ./ before the squeak name.
>I didn't have to do the chmod or add any other files..
>     ./squeak -calibrate -rotate -memory 10m dynapad-r01.image

I'm glad you got it working.  I can't believe I actually left out the 
`./', but I've now corrected the swiki page.

I wish I had time to work on it more, as there are too many things that 
desperately need fixing and the  VM is quite outdated by now.  I hope 
someone else will find the time to make a better fullscreen Zaurus port 
(not a QT app).



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