[PDA][Linux][Zaurus][QTOPIA][VM] Alpha release of Qtopia-Zaurus VM

Yoshiki.Ohshima at acm.org Yoshiki.Ohshima at acm.org
Sat Apr 19 00:33:39 UTC 2003


  I happened to upload alpha version of such VM.  All I know is it
works ok on my SL-C700.  I'm somewhat sure it will work on SL-B500,
but not quite sure on SL-A300.  I suspect it doesn't work on SL-5xxx
at this moment.

  The incompatibility is due to the 'SL' specific library I use.  If
someone knows the sample code to use "FileSelector" class, it will
make the VM compatible among those variations.

  * Menu key works as interrupt.
  * 'Fn' key works as Alt for keys that doesn't have assigned

  * The sound player somewhat works, but somehow the process doesn't
    give the control back to other processes.  Also, you have to set
    #soundStopWhenDone preference.

  * You can go to full screen, but can't go back.

  I even don't bother to write the web page for now.  For those who
are curious, grab the ipk file from


  If you know the better way to go back to non-fullscreen mode and
the proper way to use FileSelector, please let me know.

-- Yoshiki

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