Windows executable (VM) problems? [Problem + a solution ]

Charlie Lindahl clindahl at
Sat Apr 19 03:40:10 UTC 2003


I'm new to Squeak, but have done *some* ST and a *lot* of LISP in the

Decided to jump into Squeak today. Ran into a problem which the Squeak
IRC helped me solve.

Problem: Squeak.EXE crashed with a nasty MS Windows error dialog.
          I'm running NT 4.0 workstation with all service packs applied.

Solution: used version 3.2 of the squeak.exe (instead of the 3.4 or 3.5 
versions). This was
      suggested on the IRC today, and it appears to be working fine.

Since the VM runs (apparently) all existing images, I'm OK for now. I 
load VC++ up on my machine & compile from source, but, assuming I can
use existing images on 3.2 I'll probably defer this step.

Also, I intend to be  upgrading to Windows 2000 (or 2003) pretty soon 
anyway.  I'll
try to post info after my upgrade if others are interested.

I eventually plan to run Squeak on multiple platforms, primarily LINUX 
(both on
desktop & on iPAQ).

All 4 now. I look forward to working with the Squeak community.


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