[PDA][Linux][Zaurus][QTOPIA][VM] Alpha release of Qtopia-Zaurus VM

Aaron J Reichow reic0024 at d.umn.edu
Sat Apr 19 03:31:44 UTC 2003

Hey Yoshiki!

First- Thanks for the Qtopia VM! Second, I just tried it on my SL-5500- no
dice,  Could not find libsl.so.

I have been trying to locate the file/lib but to no avail.

I am not sure of what this libsl is a part- there is a chance that it is
included with Qtopia 1.6.  The upside is that a new ROM for the SL-5500
will be released soon, including Qtopia 1.6, a new kernel, and Opera 6.
Sounds like a good upgrade.

Do you know what version your Zaurus is running of Qtopia?  ~  You can
find it in System Info -> Version under Qtopia.  The SL-5500 runs Qtopia
1.5.0 right now.


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