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Dan Ingalls Dan at
Mon Apr 21 19:05:51 UTC 2003

Derek Brans <brans at>  writes in...
>I tried to change the order of about 7 system categories (my own).
>After accepting the changes, I ended up with the following "alien" categories.
>('X #2')
>('X #2 #2')
>('X #2 #2 #2')
>How dangerous is reorganizing? Can you make any fatal flaws?  Is 
>there a way to undo those flaws?

Of course it depends what is fatal to you.  As far as I can tell from 
the current code (and what I remember), the reorganization process 
takes some pains to ensure that you don't lose any elements.  There 
is some undocumented code in there that creates these #2 symbols 
(apparently an attempt to make a symbol that smacks of duplication) 
in the case of duplicated categories.  Since yours appear not as 
'zort #2' but as simply #2, it is likely that you got a couple of 
non-printing characters in there by mistake and that you didn't lose 
anything from your original categorization.

It is fairly simple to recover missing elements if that becomes 
important (essentially by enumerating classes and classifying them 
as, eg, 'Unclassified' if they are not found in the 
SystemOrganization.  If anyone is feeling bored out there, it would 
be useful to write a method that verifies consistency of the SO in 
this manner, and offers to perform this recovery if necessary.

Hope this helps

	- Dan
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