[ANN] A crackling new Magma, 1.0gamma4

Chris Muller afunkyobject at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 22 05:32:23 UTC 2003

This one has numerous performance improvements and really starting to POP POP
POP.  There are even some new performance tuning tools.

Morphs can now be persisted and shared.  There are a couple of new preferences,
including the option to receive #magmaChanged notifications for objects changed
by other users.

You can also now signal harmless, one-liner "session requests", such as begin,
commit or abort, from deep within your domain.  They're just resumable
exceptions, so commits can be put as close to the mutative operations as
possible without having to reference a session or mess with listeners, and your
domain stays as pure and clean as possible.

The "root trap" has been eradicated, as well as a couple of bugs.  Currently, I
don't have any known bugs, nor have I found discovered any in the last few
weeks of pounding, nor have any been reported to me.  So while I'm maintaining
the "gamma" on the version until it supports Blocks, I've upped the stability
on SqueakMap to "Stable".

If you're using 1.0gamma3, it's no-brainer; you'll like this one better.

Comments are welcome, as always.

 - Chris

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