Squeak History... don't forget the Levco Prodigy! :-)

Andrew P. Black black at cse.ogi.edu
Tue Apr 22 05:52:52 UTC 2003

At 22:10 -0700 04/21/2003, Dan Ingalls wrote:
>These speeds are roughly 1/50th the speed of my Mac Powerbook.  As I 
>recall, the size of main memory was also around 1/50th what I have 
>now, and the disk space around 1/1000th what one expects in a decent 
>laptop today.
>... and we were breathless in the face of such performance ;-)

As well you should have been!  A factor of only 50 behind where we 
are 20 years later says a lot about just what a remarkable machine 
the Dorado was for its time.  As those of us who couldn't get hold of 
one still remember.

Allen W-B or anyone else: do you happen to have comparable numbers 
for the Magnolia?


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