[Bug] 3.5 fails on WinDoze NT

Rik Fischer Smoody riks at smOO.com
Tue Apr 22 21:30:17 UTC 2003

My seldom used WinDoze NT needed a modern version of Squeak, so I downloaded from

It fails almost immediately upon trying to start an image.
A gray error window claiming "Application Error..."

After rebooting the machine in WinDoze 98, the very same installation appears to work fine.

An old Squeak 3.2 works fine on NT.

I noticed that the files are fairly recent, so it's possible I am the first to stumble over
some configuration glitch?

Repeated, downloading from NetScape, IE,
even via Mac and unstuffing onto a Zip disk...
each way producing similar quick death under NT
so I doubt the non-binary data corruption problem.

Wait, check list since April 11...
Ref: Andreas Raab's message of April 16...
> Can you describe in more detail what happens when you start Squeak? Do you

Transcribing from other screen:
	Dr. Watson for Windows NT
	An application error has occurred
	and an application error log is being generated
	Exception access violation  (0xc0000005) Address: 0x77e78784
but I do not see a Watson error log or I'd drag it back over via Zip.
Dragging an old image onto the squeak.exe produces same result.

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