Debug it mysteries

Anthony Adachi adachipro at
Thu Apr 24 22:17:26 UTC 2003

Thanks that helps to clear up my confusion a bit.
However, I'm still mystified by a number of issues.

--- Bob Arning <arning at> wrote:
> When you evaluate code in a
> workspace, it isn't really a method and doesn't
> really belong to a particular class, 

If I'm evaluating code in a workspace why isn't the
object in which the code I'm evaluating an instance of
some kind of workspace class (e.g.- TempWorkspace,
perhaps)? As opposed to an instance of the class

>but to keep
> various programming/debugging tools happy, it is
> made to appear so temporarily. The code gets
> compiled into a method named #DoIt in the class
> UndefinedObject (the class of which nil is the only
> instance) and then gets deleted once it is complete.

Why is the method called #DoIt rather than #debugIt if
even though I've invoked it via the debug it menu

On the subject of names, why does the method DoIt not
follow the SmallTalk convention of beginning methods
with lower case letters?

As well, if the canonical way of printing is
Class>>method  what does the next statement mean? []

Is "[] in TextMorphEditor(ParagraphEditor)" a class?
Or does "[]" represent a class (an generic block
perhaps) located in some kind of TextMorphEditor

Thanks again,


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