Ned Konz ned at bike-nomad.com
Fri Apr 25 15:25:19 UTC 2003

On Friday 25 April 2003 01:30 am, Ingo Hohmann wrote:

> - I've seen things like the monthmorph and the pda, but so far
> haven't really understood how those guis are built. Can someone
> help me along, please, maybe by telling me where I have to look, or
> a ticTacToe playing field example might be helpful, too.

These are built by making custom subclasses of Morph or one of its 
descendants. Generally we construct Morphic UIs by assembling 
smaller, simpler Morphs to do the job.

There are a number of Morphic programming tutorials available, as I 
recall. Perhaps someone else can speak up here, as it's been a while 
since I was learning Morphic.

You could start on the Squeak Swiki, though:


> - is it possible to get the window size from within squeak?


    Display extent

returns a Point that is the size of the Squeak window (the inside 
part, of course; no way to tell how big the external stuff like 
frames and menus that are provided by your window manager might be).

> - the car driving etoys 'alert' uses a test 'car is over color' is
> this a handcrafted test? I am unable to find it in the snippets to
> assemble a script.

    no, this is a standard test in the etoys environment. However, 
what snippets are you trying to assemble a script from?

Look in the "tests" vocabulary; you'll see the standard ones:

touchesA Player
overlaps Player
color sees

It is this last one that is being used, as I recall. It lets you test 
whether a particular color on your Morph is over another specified 

It's possible that the name of this has been changed somewhere along 
the line.

> - I made a drawing 'look like' another one through a script (as far
> as I remember ;-) , and now I am unable to revert it to the
> original, what may I have done wrong, and what can I do to get the
> original back? (Neither lookLike nor restoreBaseGraphik work.)

I'm not sure. "restore base graphic" should work.

> - What is the best way to save data, e.g. like the notes in a pda?
> In a collaborative setting? Is there any work on database
> connectivity?

The easiest way to save chunks of connected data is probably using 


There's lots of work on databases.

Again, search the Squeak Swiki for "database" or "persistence". 
There's a summary at

Ned Konz

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