Where is the define-button in the debugger?

Anthony Adachi adachipro at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 25 16:03:38 UTC 2003

On Fri Apr 25, 2003  12:21 am, Ned Konz wrote:
On Thursday 24 April 2003 09:10 pm, Anthony Adachi
>  > I looked at that in the SM Package Loader
>  > However, I noticed it said: "Useable by
>  > Probably still full of bugs". 
>  It was probably marked at that level (alpha?)
>  we didn't have
>  any feedback on it yet.

Ah, I see. So those comments are probably out of date?

>  You can add a new method when you're in the
>  even without
>  this. The easiest way is to switch over to a
>  write the
>  method, and then go to the debugger and restart the
>  method that
>  called the missing method.

I discovered that procedure whilst poking around the
other day. Although, I wasn't sure whether that was
the easiest way to do it. I was hoping there was a
more direct way to create a method or class upon
running one's first broken tests.
>  My addition of the button just is a bit of a
>  convenience because it
>  makes a stub method that is then editable right
>  the debugger.

That's sounds like exactly what I'm in search of.

On Fri Apr 25, 2003  7:21 am, Bryce Kampjes wrote:
>  I've been using it and it's stable. Looking at the
>  it's small as
>  well so it should be safe.

Stable is good. Small is good too.

>  It's a great aid for test driven development.

Excellent! I'm sold!

On Fri Apr 25, 2003  4:40 am, Alain Fischer wrote:
>  There is also a menu item added to the debugger
>  contextual menu
>  when you select a DNU line. This let you chose in
>  class
>  the stub method must be implemented.

In a similar manner, is there a way to create a new
class with this package?

By the way, of those doing test driven development in
Squeak do you run a test on a non-existent class
before creating that class? Or do you first create the
class then test it?



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