[Q] Problems with 3.6a and SqueakMap?

Doug Way dway at riskmetrics.com
Fri Apr 25 17:36:33 UTC 2003

"Lic. Edgar J. De Cleene" wrote:
> I just download Squeak 3.6a-5184 from st.cs.uiuc.edu and found the
> following:
> 1) The Welcome to window do not have a mention to SqueakMap. This info is on
> 3.4 and 3.5 . I wonder why not on 3.6

The guy who puts these alpha images up on the ftp site must have created that
3.6alpha image from a pre-3.4 image.  Usually we're not as picky about the
content of alpha images as with final releases, but it still might be nice to
have that new Welcome window information in there.

Bruce, if you get the chance, could you make the next uploaded 3.6alpha image
be based on a 3.4 image?  (There are no content differences between 3.4 and
3.5, so 3.4 is fine.)

- Doug Way

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