[FIX] DragAndBarf ([sm][cd] Dropping files breaks onto InfiniteForm)

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Sat Apr 26 13:17:30 UTC 2003

from preamble:

"Change Set:		DragAndBarf
Date:			26 April 2003
Author:			Sean Charles

I am sure I submitted this in April 2002 but never mind!! I use drag and
drop a lot with Squeak and this bug keeps getting me!! I have documented
the changed bit of the code.

When an image is set as the desktop background, dropping a file causes a
walkback because InfiniteForm does not understand 'negated'. At this
point in the code, the 'owner color' is assumed to be something that
understands the Color protocols and InfiniteForm doesn't!!

My fix therefore is to request that the object explicitly produces a
Color object via a call to asColor before calling negated.

A BETTER solution might be to implement color on InfiniteForm as...

	   ^self asColor

...which means that InfiniteForms would be more conformant to the Color
protocol and thus more integrated.

I have re-tested my fix and it works just fine in this VM (3.5,5180) and
a Cocoa version that I also use. Thanks for keeping Squeak superb!! I've
been 'away' from it for a year and boy, does it still kick butt!!

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