[BUG] AccuFonts, Browser and class comments

Mike Roberts mike at mjr104.co.uk
Sat Apr 26 15:42:33 UTC 2003


Install AccuFonts in a fresh image and change the default system font to something big like 14pt.  
View the class comments for a class with hypertext.  For example

"View the class comment for Date"
|br view|
br _ Browser new.
br setClass: Date selector: nil.
view _ br openEditString:nil.
Browser openBrowserView: view label: 'System Browser'.
view model plusButtonHit

The font remains at the original (Accuny09?) font that is first setup after the installation.

If you view a class comment without hypertext then the font is correct.

I have started to hunt around TextAttribute and friends but I'm a bit lost.  Does anyone have the answer or a direction for me to look in?



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