Viewing Failures in sUnit's TestRunner

Anthony Adachi adachipro at
Sat Apr 26 16:32:55 UTC 2003


Is there a method in sUnit which one can pass expected
and actual results as one can with jUnit? So that I
can compare them in order find out went wrong in an
event of a failure? 

Also, I don't understand how one is suppose to examine
failures in sUnit. When I get a failure the Test
Runner window displays the failing test. However, the
description I passed to assert is not listed. When I
click on one of the listed failing tests a Halt window

The closest thing I could find going through the halt
window was TestRunner>>debugFailureTest:
Which lists various values (result, details, failures,
errors, ect.) none of which contain the description I
passed with the assert message (they only appear to
list the number of failures). 

--This is my unit test which expects the string

fish := Piexe new.
self assert: (fish shout) = 'shouting' description: ( 
'expected: shouting was:', (fish shout))

--This is the unit undergoing tests which returns
'whisper' as a result of calling shout.
Piexe >>shout




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