Magma isn't working, I beg to differ

Stephen Pair stephen at
Mon Apr 28 15:19:56 UTC 2003

Chris Muller wrote:

>And, yes, Squeak's Socket framework cannot survive an image save (e.g., any
>listening Sockets will be terminated).  Why did you save the image with the
>Magma server running?  I believe the documentation on the Swiki says you should
>send #shutdown to the Magma server when you're done using it.  This is presumed
>to be before you save the image.

Chris, it is quite easy to make tcp services survive snapshots in 
Squeak.  ComancheNG (and maybe Comanche) do this quite nicely.  If you 
design the protocol carefully, you could even make connections survive 
(if your connection is independent of any underlying physical socket 
connection).  I would probably have the connections terminate, but keep 
the actual service available across snapshots.

- Stephen

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