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Mon Apr 28 16:43:59 UTC 2003

On Monday 28 April 2003 09:13 am, hanax_s at wrote:
> hello.
> I am student from Slovakia. I started Squeaking before few weeks
> ago and I am really newbie here... So I need help. I have one
> Morph and before I create it I need to setup its preferences, so
> I need some kind of Modal dialog window. I designed one by
> assembling some parts, but still I don't understand how
> to "programatically" show/hide it when I need and make it modal.
> Please, help me.

There are some pre-made modal dialogs in Squeak already.

They all work (as I recall) by running their own event loop.

Here's a typical example from FileList2:


	| window |

	window _ self morphicViewFileSelector.
	window openCenteredInWorld.
	[window world notNil] whileTrue: [
		window outermostWorldMorph doOneCycleNow.
	^(window valueOfProperty: #fileListModel) getSelectedFile

Ned Konz

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