Magma isn't working, I beg to differ

Chris Muller afunkyobject at
Mon Apr 28 16:55:26 UTC 2003

Todd Blanchard wrote:

Because I can do it with Seaside and the Swiki and I (apparently 
incorrectly) assumed you had added startup/shutdown hooks in the same 
way. So I just assumed that was typical Squeak server practice.

I guess I'll try it again and install my own hooks.


Well, that'd be neat.  I'm not familiar with the hooks you speak of, but if
MagmaRepositoryController could listen for an image save it could,
theoretically, close the sockets and files.  Is there also a hook into the
image starting?  That's where it could be restarted.

Not having used Seaside yet, this idea never occurred to me, but it seems like
it would be an easy way to deploy a running server image with no need for
startup instructions.  Is this the primary advantage to doing this?

I'm working on 1.0gamma5 right now, which fixes a bug I was surprised to
discover this weekend involving class evolution.  If you get those hooks put
in, or otherwise know how it's done, send me the code and I'll see about
incorporating it.  (I think I've had trouble with implementing the class-side
startUp: amResumingPreviouslySavedImage method, is there another way?).


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