[CS] TicTacToe

Sean Charles bibbers at onetel.net.uk
Mon Apr 28 19:43:15 UTC 2003

On Monday, April 28, 2003, at 02:34 PM, Ingo Hohmann wrote:
> ... now you can kick me ... I was so engulfed in Rectangles and Ovals, I 
> didn't even think about using a Line!
Fog happens. I could tell you about the time a mate and me spent forty 
minutes wondering why the 'new' hard disk wouldn't boot...the answer...it 
was a CD-ROM. Long story, too painful to recount!

> About the winning checks, I first tried to use solely and: and or:, but 
> then decided to write equalTo:and: at least it looked a little less messy 
> (and worked ;-). Given the data structures I used, would there have been 
> a better way?
What is 'better' grasshopper? Your way works and is readable and 
understandable. Works for me.

> PS: Do you think a version with all those changes from the list would be 
> worth publishing as a newbie project for others to learn?
Yup. At the risk of trumpet blowing, if you visit http://www.bumpybibbers.
com and then follow the SPLASHWORD link on the left hand side, you'll see 
a taster for a full multi-media game I've written using Squeak. Finished 
it last year. It plays pretty good. It's not there for download as the 
only way I can package it is on CD because I used morphs glued together 
and saved i.e. I've strayed from the path of declarativeness! I only have 
a crappy modem link and the total upload size is about 25MB so it won't be 
there this week! The entire site is a work-in-progress as there is never 
enough time...

Sean Charles.

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