Aggregated removal script for 3.6

Marcus Denker marcus at
Tue Apr 29 08:29:53 UTC 2003

On Thu, Apr 10, 2003 at 03:37:11PM +0100, goran.hultgren at wrote:
> Hi all!
> Just hacked up a load script for performing all registered removals on
> SM - 10 of them (don't forget Balloon3D - it isn't in the correct
> category).
>
> Tested by firing up a vanilla 3.6a-5179, "open package loader" and then
> install the above package.
> Answer yes twice and then you have an image somewhat smaller.
> NOTE: I haven't tried to bring stuff back in yet... :-) But so far so
> good.
Hi Goran,

Nice... we should really think about *adding* this stuff to the image.
Not everything in one big lump, but incrementally. 

I suggest to start with the Tests-Removal package: This a) works
for me (hehe! ;-) b) comes with tests (trivially) and c) does not
interfere with any other project (e.g. KCP, MCP).

It simply (IMHO of course) does NOT MAKE ANY sense to pile this stuff
up until we get a big unmanageable pile of interdependend changesets!


Marcus Denker marcus at  -- Squeak!

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