Well factored Objects

Robert Waters watersr at cc.gatech.edu
Tue Apr 29 14:57:06 UTC 2003

> It will be a change of thinking to enable the app to be different.
> It is a Vital Statistics and Geneological type application.
> It is used for filling out government and other forms.

It might be of interest to take a look at some student projects done last
semester to create a geneological application in Squeak.

The students write up "cases" for extra credit on their approach to the
problem, designs and solutions.  Of course the downside is that many of the
"best" applications don't get documented because the students know they do
not need the extra credit.

Still these might be useful, and the code might save you some time.

Go to the course SWIKI at:

and look at Fall 2002 cases.  Milestone 3 was their major design
presentation and might give you some ideas.

These applications can import/export GEDCOM format data and can populate
their data from web-based resources.

> Jimmie Houchin

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