[BUG] SqueakMap walkback on initial open

tblanchard at mac.com tblanchard at mac.com
Tue Apr 29 20:18:49 UTC 2003

I'm getting a walkback when doing an initial load of SqueakMap (by 
selecting open...Package Loader from the world menu).  Apparently a 
card is missing or something?  The first line cardWithId returns nil 
and I end up with a partially loaded SqueakMap.

	^ (self cardWithId: '6e89dd43-75b8-432c-8c69-d57b058aea0f') "this 
returns nil"
		created: 3214667128
		updated: 3214667128
		name: 'Atomic'
		currentVersion: ''
		summary: 'A game where you have to build chemical molecules using 
given atoms.'
		description: '  The aim of ATOMIC is to build chemical molecules 
using given atoms. The goal is to solve a level with as few moves as 

to open:

AtomicGame new openInWorld

		url: 'http://minnow.cc.gatech.edu/squeak/2670'
		author: 'Gustavo Rafael Pistoia'
		maintainer: 'Alejandro Magistrello <magistra at telefonica.com.ar>'
		registrator: 'Gustavo Pistoia <grpistoia at sinectis.com.ar>'
		password: 448541104881254022485112908997542155874122324377
		categories: #('6ba57b6e-946a-4009-beaa-0ac93c08c5d1' 
'8291bf3f-86a9-4523-976c-c3a6025fd93f' );
		modulePath: ''
		moduleVersion: ''
		moduleTag: ''
		versionComment: ''

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