[BUG] Chasing StarBrowser window "ghost"

Lic. Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Apr 29 20:43:26 UTC 2003

Ned, Lex :

Here is a new error !!
Thanks in advance.

29 April 2003 5:37:51 pm

VM: Mac OS - Squeak3.5alpha of '7 January 2003' [latest update: #5169]
Squeak VM 3.5.0b3
Image: Squeak3.6alpha [latest update: #5184]

    Receiver: nil
    Arguments and temporary variables:
        aMessage:     a Message with selector: #paneColor and arguments: #()
    Receiver's instance variables:

    Receiver: a SubWindow(4087)
    Arguments and temporary variables:

    Receiver's instance variables:
        bounds:     35 at 113 corner: 995 at 697
        owner:     nil
        submorphs:     #()
        fullBounds:     nil
        color:     Color transparent
        extension:     a MorphExtension (1209) [eventHandler = an
EventHandler; mouseEnterS...etc...
        borderWidth:     0
        borderColor:     #inset
        model:     nil
        slotName:     nil
        open:     false
        labelString:     'Untitled Window'
        stripes:     nil
        label:     nil
        closeBox:     nil
        collapseBox:     nil
        activeOnlyOnTop:     false
        paneMorphs:     #()
        paneRects:     nil
        collapsedFrame:     nil
        fullFrame:     35 at 113 corner: 995 at 697
        isCollapsed:     false
        menuBox:     nil
        mustNotClose:     false
        labelWidgetAllowance:     nil
        updatablePanes:     #()
        allowReframeHandles:     true
        labelArea:     nil
        expandBox:     nil

    Receiver: a StarBrowser
    Arguments and temporary variables:
        win:     a SystemWindow(82)
        pane:     nil
    Receiver's instance variables:
        dependents:     #(a SystemWindow(558) a
        currentSelection:     ClassificationItemWrapper(Change Sets
(Additions) (20))
        myBrowser:     a Browser
        root:     Root (1)
        rootWrapper:     ClassificationItemWrapper(Root (1))
        list:     a SBHierarchicalListMorph(356)
        window:     a SystemWindow(558)
        editorWindow:     a SubWindow(4087)
        toolbar:     a RectangleMorph(1797)
        listLayoutFrame:     a LayoutFrame
        selectionButtons:     an OrderedCollection()
        history:     an OrderedCollection(Root (1))
        currentHistory:     1

    Receiver: an ItemEditor
    Arguments and temporary variables:
        win:     a SystemWindow(82)
    Receiver's instance variables:
        starBrowser:     a StarBrowser

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