How to start Squeak under WinXP from image on network?

Ned Konz ned at
Wed Apr 30 00:00:12 UTC 2003

I just installed the downloadable version of Squeak 3.5 on a Windows 
XP machine.

I can start Squeak on local images (i.e. on the C: drive).

that is, this works from a cmd prompt:

cd /d c:\squeak
squeak.exe squeak.image

I tried to open an image several ways, but am not able to start up 
images on network shares.

For instance, this doesn't work:

c:\squeak\squeak.exe \\ned\homes\Squeak\3.6\squeak.image

even though I can in fact see the image file in the explorer.

Squeak complains that it can't find the file.

Why doesn't this work?

If I map a drive it works, though very very slowly:

map h: \\ned\homes
c:\squeak\squeak.exe h:\Squeak\3.6\squeak.image

But I was trying to avoid mapped drives, since they seem to be just 
"tacked on" to NT (i.e. they have to go through a translation to 
become native resource names, etc.) and they're something else that 
can break.

Ned Konz

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