Aggregated removal script for 3.6

Marcus Denker marcus at
Wed Apr 30 07:14:08 UTC 2003

On Tue, Apr 29, 2003 at 11:31:12AM +0100, goran.hultgren at wrote:
> I agree. The idea I had was to eventually build some kind of "test
> server" (still on my drawing board) and in any case I thought these
> removals needed testing "in combination" and not just one by one. I
> assume there is a risk that they somehow interact so that in the end
> some weird combination simply doesn't work.
Yes, could be. But this is true for all packages on SqueakMap, not
only the new ones. 
The only real solution would be something like classboxes... (calls
additions can be made private your own package with classboxes). 

> But if we create the "verification" packages (those that test that an
> installed package works) that you described earlier for these removals -
> then perhaps that will be enough. The "dreaded" combination-bugs will
> probably be found and dealt with during alpha.
Ok, we need simple test packages: There is one for the BaseImage Tests
removal. Why wait?
> > I suggest to start with the Tests-Removal package: This a) works
> > for me (hehe! ;-) b) comes with tests (trivially) and c) does not
> > interfere with any other project (e.g. KCP, MCP).
> Why not?
Because this only removes SUnit-tests and some hand-written testing
methods that have been rewritten as SUnit tests. If KCP/MCP provide
tests, they will not go into the Image, but the BaseImage test packe
> If problems later arise we just fix them - *again* we are in alpha land
> and we have the stream (that Andreas wants us to use goddarnit :-)). 
> And if they don't work together we can back down and just add your
> Tests-Removal at least. Sounds good?
I would like to look at them one-by-one. Add one, test it. Then
look at the next one... 


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