[ANN] [ENH] FillInTheBlankMorph Look

diegogomezdeck at consultar.com diegogomezdeck at consultar.com
Wed Apr 30 10:25:40 UTC 2003

Hi Stef,

> hi diego
> I was wondering if you do the widget one by one? Is it correct?

More or less It's true.  I'm using the changes I made all the day and I
decide where to put my hands based on my own feelings about the interface.
The "old" FillInTheBlankMorph is too flat for the current squeak look.

> Have you tried to see if you could take an existing UI Builder and plug
>  in your style. This way we could have it for all the widget. I know
> this is another kind of work.

I'm not creating new widget but modifying the existing ones.

> Have you discussed with todd he is building a new way to layout morph
> (following nextStep)?

Not yet... Tood, are you there?

> Stef



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