Aggregated removal script for 3.6

diegogomezdeck at diegogomezdeck at
Wed Apr 30 11:10:16 UTC 2003

Hi Göran,

> Well, take a look at:
> And related pages. Essentially you just post on the sqf-list and Doug
> will pick you up.
> IMHO we simply need more Harvesters - any whoever is competent (and you
> definitely are) and willing should (again IMHO) be very welcome to help
> out.

What about to make a "oficial" call to help?

I think a lot of us are able to work in this area and I never know
the "door is open".

> Harvesting was never meant to be an activity of just the Guides
> nor IMHO just a selected few. As long as we keep the competence level
> appropriately high I can't see any problem with more Harvesters.
> regards, Göran


Diego Gomez Deck

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