[ANN] [ENH] FillInTheBlankMorph Look

Ned Konz ned at bike-nomad.com
Wed Apr 30 20:48:36 UTC 2003

On Wednesday 30 April 2003 12:27 pm, Stephane Ducasse wrote:

> The problem is that while you will be doing that you will be
> linking Morph to classes that would not rely on morph but just
> DisplayScreen.
> I would not do this change. I imagine that we should find a much
> clever way of notifying user. Avi suggested to me that we could
> have exception that would be caught
> and letting the used decide if he wants to put a UI or not for
> headless image for examples.

This is already how ComplexProgressIndicator works. Your underlying 
code raises ProgressNotifications.

> I do not know if this is reasonable to do that but substituing the
> old bar with a ProgressMorph is not a good solution. Ask the people
> who want to have tiny images....

I think that it's reasonable to do this in a UI context (that is, if 
you start loading a file from the FileList in a Morphic environment, 
it's not wrong to use a Morph to signal progress).

Of course, the utility methods that get called to do the loading 
should not make any UI decisions or expect to interact.

Ned Konz

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