Self modifying systems question

Yoshiki.Ohshima at Yoshiki.Ohshima at
Wed Apr 30 21:15:26 UTC 2003


> Self modifying code is a well known technology. Has anyone done this in
> Squeak? What I'm seeking for is examples of software that adds to
> itself (methods and variables) in runtime.
> I understand from reading the Squeak documentation that it is easy
> to add a variable to a running object instance for a developer, but
> is it also possible to do from code without any developer around?

  I don't know if this is an answer you are expected, but you can
easily add instance variables to a Player.  Bring up a viewer for an
morph and choose 'add new (instance) variable' from the viewer's menu.

  If you add a script to an EToy object, it indeed means adding a
method to it.

-- Yoshiki

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